Major Story 9 / 2 / 2015



From WBBJ:​

Owners of several horses are facing criminal charges after rescuers found animals that were reportedly housed in a barn, living knee deep in their feces and extremely malnourished.

"It's a really good day for these horses because they essentially got out of prison. They have a second chance at life," Lori Collins said. A victory for a group of horses who were discovered inside a Chester County barn locked away with no food and water for months. "It's just heart wrenching. Each rescue that we go on, it seems to be something worse each time. The conditions of this property have been the worse we may have ever seen,” Collins said.

Lori Collins with Redemption Road Rescue says she first got a tip from someone in the area. She then inspected the barn and alerted the Chester County Sheriffs Office. Who she says called a veterinarian who advised to immediately have the horses removed from the property. "There was hay in the barn, there was a trashcan full of grain, there were several bays of hay that were right there,” Collins said.

Redemption Road Rescue says all the stalls the horses were living in had feces piled up to about 40 inches. Portions of skin on the horses is deteriorating away. The horses also are having trouble moving around with overgrown hooves. Ribs exposed from horses being hundreds of pounds underweight. But a question that continues to linger in rescuers minds remains unanswered. "I will never understand what gets people in these situations. I try not to look at it and pass any judgment on these people. My main goal was just to get these horses to safety," Collins said.

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One horse from this group could not overcome the neglect and passed away while in our care, despite our best efforts. The remaining three have made astounding recoveries, and two of which have found amazing new homes. One horse still remains available for adoption.