Major Story 7 / 15 / 2015



Last week, RRR worked in tandem with Animal Rescue Corps out of Washington DC, Union County officials, and other volunteers to evacuate 14 out of 20 horses involved in an ongoing cruelty case that resulted in the seizure of over 100 animals.​

The group of horses included stallions, mares (some pregnant), and foals. While some individuals were in decent body condition, several horses were malnourished, their hooves needed farrier attention, some had skin infections, serious untreated injuries, and many of the mares with new foals at their side had already been bred back.

Redemption Road Rescue earned full custody of the 14 horses on July 22nd, one week after the emergency seizure. 

Such a large intake is a very costly financial burden, and we are beyond grateful for all the support that came pouring in to help rehabilitate the horses.

Many of the horses were already broke to ride and quickly found new homes. Several of the adopted mares had been impregnated before the seizure and delivered healthy babies months after their adoptions. All fourteen horses made full recoveries. Only one horse from this group still remains at the rescue, waiting for her forever home.

Read the news coverage and watch the video by WCBI