RRR Resident: Sept 2016 - April 2017

China came to the rescue through a hoarding cruelty case out of Henderson County, TN, along with thirty other horses. China looked like a miniature walking skeleton, riddled with persistent infections and skin conditions.

Thanks to all the hard work of Redemption Road's caretakers and donors, China was revived into a sweet, adorable little mare. She was adopted by country music superstar Luke Bryan in April 2017 and lives on his farm with another RRR adoptee.

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Noel & Giselle

RRR Residents: December 2015- Spring 2016

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Noel and her filly Giselle were surrendered to the rescue severely emaciated. Noel, covered in sores, was giving what little sustenance she had to her baby. After a few months, both horses were fully rehabilitated and found new homes.


RRR Resident: Sept - Dec 2015

Thia arrived at the rescue through a cruelty case out of Chester County, TN, along with three other horses (the Fantastic Four). Severely underweight, she had been kept in a dark, filthy stall her whole life, unable to experience sunlight and grass under her feet.

Thia made a full, speedy recovery, and after a few training rides, was adopted to her forever home.

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Woody & Terri ann

RRR Residents: April - August 2016

Woody and Terri Ann came to Redemption Road Rescue in desperately dire conditions after their owner fell ill and could no longer care for them. The pair made stunning recoveries, gaining hundreds of pounds in a few short weeks. Both horses quickly found new homes and are thriving today.


RRR Resident: June 2016 - present

This is Thomas, the kindest, most gentle soul one could ever come across. Of course, we all fell in love with him and everyone gave him their all in the effort to save him from his deplorable condition. One of our many amazing volunteers developed an extra special connection with Thomas and has since devoted hours and hours toward his care and rehabilitation. It's a true love connection. Today, Thomas is doing better than we could've ever expected and we are so grateful to everyone for helping this guy along his journey back to health.

Our volunteers help save lives every day, and horses like Thomas are alive today because of them. If you would like to become a volunteer or help sponsor Thomas's sanctuary at Redemption Road Rescue, contact us or visit our How to Help page for more information.

Success Stories

Since 2009, we have rescue hundreds of horses from neglect, abuse, abandonment, and starvation. We have countless stories of miraculous recoveries, of horses defying incredible odds and beginning new lives. Below is only a sampling of some individuals we have rescued. 

None of these horses would have survived if it weren't for the hardworking, selfless volunteers and generous donors we have at Redemption Road Rescue. If you would like to help more success stories like these below become possible, review our page "How to Help" today.


RRR Resident: January 2015 - present

Gabriel (Gabe) is our beloved long term resident at Redemption Road. He is an older gelding, estimated at being over 25 years old. Due to his age, Gabe has little to no teeth, contributing to his emaciated state when he arrived. His tongue is often seen poking out his mouth, lacking teeth to help keep it in. Gabriel's name is very fitting to this angelic boy, who has served as a companion for countless horses that have passed through our gates. 

Older horses have unique dietary requirements, but it is possible to keep them healthy and happy in the late stages of their lives and Gabriel is a shining example. 
‚ÄčMaintaining senior horses is not cheap, so if you would like to help sponsor Gabe's sanctuary at Redemption Road Rescue, contact us or visit our How to Help page for more information.